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Flip Out Firecrackers, Fireworks, Sparklers! 

Gymnastics Competitive Team in Philadelphia
Gymnastics Teams for Grade School in Philadelphia

Mini Sparklers

This invite-only class meets twice a week and is designed for serious flippers ages 5-7!

Athletes will be working on:

  • Building strength & flexibility

  • Gymnastics body positions and correct form

  • Circuits on Tumbl Trak, Trampoline Vault, Floor, Bars, Beam, Ropes & Rings & More!

Email Us To Try Out! 

Gymnastics Team for Grade School in Philadelphia


This Developmental Program prepares dedicated gymnasts ages 7-9 for Flip Out Production’s Competitive Team. Designed for talented, hardworking gymnasts who have demonstrated exceptional skill progression while at Flip Out. 

Athletes meet twice a week to train USAIGC Copper1 Skills and Routine Elements.

*Invite Only

Competitive Gymnastics Team in Philadelphia


Flip Out Firecrackers is for gymnasts ages 8+ who are looking for a taste of competitive gymnastics & have displayed the necessary skills, work ethic, desire to compete, & be part of a team with other motivated athletes!

Who it’s for:

  • Those who are ready to learn routines and more advanced gymnastics skills

  • Those who are getting ready for our traditional competitive team

  • Those who want to compete but with less pressure and commitment then our traditional competitive team

  • Those who want to be at a competitive level without the need to travel

Advancement: Ability to transition seamlessly to our traditional competitive team based on both the gymnasts desire to do so and coaches invitation.


Commitment: Month to month, 1 month notice prior to leaving
Time commitment: 2 days per week for 3 hours and 15 minutes
Levels: USAIGC Copper 1 thru Bronze

Competitions: 2 Per Year

*Invite Only - Email to Try Out! 

Competitive Gymnatics Team in Philadelphia


Flip Out's USAIGC Copper, Bronze, Diamond, & Up Travel Competitive Team

Athletes will meet to train 2-3 times per week 2.5-3 Hour Class working their Routine Elements on Vault, Bars, Beam, and Floor based on their level.

Practice: Athletes train between 5 - 7.5 hours per week and compete in 4 to 9 competitions per season including State & Regional Championships.
Competitive gymnastics is a year-round sport.

Rules & Regulations: 
We compete under the USAIGC rules and regulations. For more info on USAIGC visit their website:

*Invite Only - Tryouts held in the Fall 

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