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Preschool Gymnastics

(Ages 3-4)


Preschool Gymnastics class teaches students confidence, patience, control, and coordination by using age appropriate gymnastics equipment. 

Gymnastics skills are introduced through circuits and drills as a way to help build fine motor skills, and start them off as little gymnasts!


Athletes will be working on: 

  • Building strength & flexibility

  • Gymnastics body positions with corresponding shapes & colors

  • Tumbl Trak - Jumps, Body Control, Proper landing positions, Beginner tumbling

  • Vault - Running and jumping on the springboard, body positions

  • Floor - Intro to forward rolls, backward rolls, handstand starters, and cartwheel starters

  • Bars - Grip strength, Chin holds, L-holds, Front Supports & more! 

  • Beam - Balance, Walks, Jumps, Into to Skills

  • Ropes & Rings - Swings, Holds

*All classes will be trained based on appropriate skill level

Please bring a water bottle to class, and have your child wear comfortable clothes that they can easily move around in.

Please no skirts, dresses, or jewelry.

A tucked in t-shirt with leggings or shorts is perfect!

Long hair must be tied back before class begins.

Summer Session 6/10 - 8/24

Flip Out will be closed 7/1 - 7/6
This time off has already been factored into your session, so no make ups needed!

Monthly Installment Payments Available

Select 'Price' then Pay In Installments

Credit Card payment installments will be automatically charged on dates specified in check out.

Monthly installment payments will include a 4% fee due to processing fees.

All declined monthly payments will be subject to a $25 fee. 

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