Winter Session

November 29th - February 26th

Registration will open 10/28

Flip Out will be closed 12/24-1/3

This time off has already been factored into your schedule

Fall Session Ends Nov. 23rd

Flip Out will be closed 11/24-11/27

Fun & Flips
(Ages 4.5 - 6 years)


Fun & Flips Class is a beginner level gymnastics class for athletes who love to flip! 

Athletes will work on form, strength, flexibility, and be introduced to basic skills and terminology.  Fun & Flips will give athlete’s the strong foundation needed to obtain more difficult skills in a fun and engaging way.


Athletes will be working on: 

Building strength & flexibility

Gymnastics body positions and correct form

Tumbl Trak - Jumps, Body Control, Proper landing positions, Beginner tumbling

Vault - Running and jumping on the springboard, body positions

Floor - Intro to forward rolls, backward rolls, handstand starters, and cartwheel starters

Bars - Grip strength, Chin holds, L-holds, Front Supports & more! 

Beam - Walks, Body positions, Into to turns, handstands, rolls, and cartwheels on beam

Ropes & Rings - Swings, Holds

& More!

Please bring a water bottle to class labelled with your child's name.  

Please no skirts, dresses, or jewelry.

A leotard or tucked in t-shirt with leggings or shorts is perfect! Long hair must be tied back before class begins.