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Flippin' Out

(Ages 10+)


Flippin’ Out is an advanced class for athletes with at least 3 years of gymnastics experience.
Flippin’ Out is structured around developmental gymnastics. It includes the highest standard of a progressive gymnastic learning program. Our curriculum provides athletes with the opportunity to effectively achieve and refine skills of an Advanced gymnast.

Athletes MUST have:

  • Cartwheel

  • Roundoff

  • Bridge Kickover

  • Handstand

  • 10-second Chin-hold

  • 20-second L-hold


Please call if you have any questions about your child's placement.

Athletes will be working on:


  • Building strength & flexibility

  • Gymnastics body positions and correct form

  • Tumbl Trak - Jumps, Jump Combinations, Tumbling, Landing positions

  • Vault - Running techniques, jumping on the springboard, body positions on the vaulting apparatus

  • Floor - Back and Front Walkover, Leaps & More!

  • Bars - Grip strength, Pullovers, Front Supports, Glides, Casts, Back hip circles

  • Beam - Routine skills, Cartwheels, Rolls, Handstands, Turns, Dismounts

  • Ropes & Rings - Climbing, Tuck and L-Holds, Grip strength & More!

Summer Session 6/10 - 8/24

Flip Out will be closed 7/1 - 7/6
This time off has already been factored into your session, so no make ups needed!

Monthly Installment Payments Available

Select 'Price' then Pay In Installments

Credit Card payment installments will be automatically charged on dates specified in check out.

Monthly installment payments will include a 4% fee due to processing fees.

All declined monthly payments will be subject to a $25 fee. 

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