Fall Session 9/6 - 11/22

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FLIP OUT WILL BE CLOSED 8/28-9/5 & 11/23-11/27

( 7 - 10 years)


Flipnastics is an Gymnastics Class for athletes looking to improve upon their skills and have a great time doing it! 


We emphasize safety & success, and the fun never stops! Athletes of 7-10 years will be guided through step-by-step skill progressions, specific drills and strength exercises to take their skills to the next level!

Athletes will be working on: 
Building strength & flexibility
Gymnastics body positions and correct form
Tumbl Trak - Jumps, Jump Combinations, Tumbling, Landing positions
Vault - Running techniques, jumping on the springboard, body positions on the vaulting apparatus
Floor - Cartwheels, Roundoffs, Back and Front Walkover, Bridge kickover, Handstands, Leaps
Bars - Grip strength, Pullovers, Chin holds, L-holds, Front Supports, Glides, Casts, Back hip circles
Beam - Routine skills, Cartwheels, Rolls, Handstands, Turns, Dismounts 
Ropes & Rings - Climbing, Tuck and L-Holds, Grip strength 
& More!