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Who We Are


Flip Out Productions mission is to teach the highest quality gymnastics to children of all ages . We support the growth of all  athletes  no matter their gender, race, or income level. 

Our gym is located at 2757 Frankford Ave Philadelphia, PA 19134. 

Flip Out Productions new 2 level 4000 square foot facility is equipped with a 36 foot Tumbl Trak, Olympic size balance beam, and a 30 foot by 42 foot tumbling area.

We also offer free parking in the lot directly next to our facility and a child-friendly waiting area perfect for parent and sibling observation. 


General Rules & Policies


Parents may observe classes at any time upstairs or downstairs in the designated seating area.

Do not coach or give instructions to your child from the seating area. 
No adults or non-students may participate in gymnastics activities.

All children not participating in class must be kept under control. No standing on chairs or benches. Children are not allowed outside unless directly supervised by an adult.
No Participant is allowed on the equipment without a Flip Out Producti
ons staff instructor
No running inside the facility unless directed by your instructor.
Report any unusual pain or discomfort felt during participation to your instructor immediately
Respectful social behavior is expected of all students. Failure to act appropriately may result in removal from class/or program

Class Arrival & Departure


Arrival and departures require safety & awareness by everyone. Be sure that students are in the facility safely before leaving. 

Students must remain inside the facility until their parents arrive.

Parents must pick up their children inside the facility.

Parents are welcome to arrive 15 minutes early, children must be supervised by their caretaker before class begins. 

Please be on time for the start and end of your class.

Siblings not participating in class must be supervised by their parent 

What to Bring & Dress Code


Please bring a water bottle to class, and have your child wear a leotard, or tight comfortable clothes that they can easily move around in. Please no skirts, dresses, jewelry, or loose clothing. A tucked in t-shirt with leggings or shorts is acceptable. 

Long hair must be tied back before class begins. Shoes and socks are removed before class begins.


Make Up Policy


Flip Out Productions offers 3 make-up classes per session. Make up classes must be completed within the current session. Please email us to set up your make up class.


Make up classes are non-refundable and do not transfer over sessions.


Join Anytime


New customers are welcome to enroll mid-session for a prorated amount, where class spaces are available.


Payment Options & Refunds


Class Sessions & Camps are non-refundable. 


Registration for payments in cash and check can be done onsite, via phone at 215-350-6575, or emailed to

To pay, you may set up an account online via our website, use cash, or a check made out to Flip Out Productions. 

Credit Card payment installments will be automatically charged on dates specified in check out. Monthly installment payments will include a 4% fee due to processing fees. All declined monthly payments will be subject to a $25 fee. 

Spaces are limited, please leave a 25% deposit to ensure your child's spot in class. Once payment is complete, your child's spot is confirmed for that day and time.

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