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Policies & Guidelines 2023-24

Drop Off / Pick Up Guidelines

  • Class observation can be scheduled via email

  • Please do not arrive or drop off your child more than 5 minutes before your start time

  • Please be respectful of the space. If you have any questions, we're happy to answer via phone or email


Make-Up Policy & Shutdown Updates

  • 3 Make-up classes will be offered per session based on class availability

  • Email to schedule your make up class

  • In an effort to keep classes small, make up classes are first come, first serve

  • Make up classes are non-transferable, non-refundable, and must be completed within the current session

  • Missed classes due to a COVID-19 shutdown are non-transferable, and non-refundable

  • No credits or refunds will be given due to a COVID-19 shutdown

  • In the event of a Pandemic Shutdown, online Zoom classes will be immediately offered in lieu of in person classes

Refund Policy 2023-2024

No refunds will be given for missed classes, class cancellations, summer camp cancellations, or promotional events.


Reschedule your summer camp week or class by emailing Spaces first come, first serve, and not guaranteed. 


  • Leotard or form fitting shorts/pants and a tucked in top

  • Long hair must be pulled back before class

  • Water bottle labelled with athlete’s name

  • Shoes and socks must be removed before class begins

  • Please no jewelry, skirts, dresses, or tights 

If you have any questions please email

or call us at 215-350-6575


Policy Reminders:

No refunds for class sessions or summer camp cancellations

Contact us immediately to workout details

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